How to recover after a CHEATDAY and get back on the track

Yeah, that happened.

The first time I decided to show the world I am not perfect on this blog and say  that I DO OVEREAT.  I have been dieting for a few years now so I kinda know what my body looks like, how it is supposed to look, what works the best for it… BUT I am still learning, still listening to it, still trying to find out why have I lost weight, why have I gained weight etc.

I started cutting 15 weeks ago. And I have to say, I was doing pretty great! When I had like the biggest cravings, I “fell off” the track and have eaten about 100-200kcal more than I was supposed to.

The whole week before my “overeating session” happened I was thinking about food way too much. Watching 20k calorie challenges, thinking about doing one. Thinking about having that amount of carbs in my body.

So I woke up the next morning with an idea in my head. Let’s have a REFEED DAY. “Yes, I am totally in it! I’m just gonna increase my carbs from 160g to 300g. That will definitely work and of course will satisfy my cravings!”

Well. Here is what happened:
First of all, I would like to mention that I HAVE NOT EATEN ANY JUNK FOOD. It all contained HEALTHY FOODS AND HEALTHY MACRO SOURCES. I was not really craving “bad things” like pizza or anything like that. My overeating contained a lot of oats, eggs, peanut butter, oats, müssli, greek yoghurt, oats, peanut butter, hummus chips, quest bar, oats, oats and oats.

So what is the secret? How to stay on the track after you cheat?

  • Do NOT ponish yourself
  • Balance the calories
  • Train as usual (add cardio session the day after if you feel like you wanna do that – it’s not a must!)
  • Do NOT stress yourself
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Use the energy from the cheat day to do some killer workout

PERSONAL DATA 30. 6. 2017:

  • WEIGHT: 73,5KG (161,7POUNDS)
  • HEIGHT: 187CM (6,1)
  • GOAL MACROS:  205P – 160 C – 40 F
  • BODY FAT: 5.6%


– the day after

WEIGHT: 78,5KG (172,7POUNDS)



To minimalize the fat gain from yesteday, I decreased my calorie intake as much as possible.

Woke up in the morning, exhausted AF, feeling like a crab. Right after I woke up I had one glass of water with applecider vinegar, 0,7l of clear water, coffee with a splash of milk. I was at work the whole day so I didn’t go to the gym, didn’t work out at all. At the end of the day – according to Myfitnesspal – I have eaten 600kcal.





Woke up exhausted and bloated. Without any appetite. Almost the same day as yesterday – no appetite, no time to work out, at work the whole day, low calorie intake. 610kcal after a long day eaten. Way lower than I wanted. Tomorrow I wanna go back on track, hit all of my macros and do the real training at the gym.


WEIGHT: 73,1kg



Yahayeyyy. Woke up feeling great finally. Hitting my macros pretty well. Went to the gym for a leg workout and had one hour of low intensity cardio – took my dog for a walk.

Ended up eating little over 1700kcal – 190P 140C 45F.


WEIGHT: 74kg



Looking pretty decent, right? But my abs are still hiding and they are not as sharp as I like them to be.

Anyway, have not done any cardio, the only workout I have done this day was chest and biceps workout. Burned about 250kcal during that so not such a big deal. Hit my macros quite well. Little over my protein and under my fats. 1854kcal 213P 153C 40F.


WEIGHT: 72,3kg



Before I have eaten the crazy amount of calories five days ago my BF% was 5%. I went to InBody measurement today. Guess what? 3%!!!

I was like: “What? That’s such a bullshit. My father is a professional bodybuilder so I know how does a male body with 3% of BF look like. Veins veins muscles veins.”

But my doctor told me: “Your body holds too much water. Avoid salt, coffee, sweeteners and lactose.”

Okay, let’s say I consume everything mentioned above a lot. So I am starting to reduce those things and see what happens to my body!
Maybe you are thinking about where is the “how to get back on the track”. There is no “how to”. One thing – CALORIE BALANCE. The day before, the day after or both. As you can see I have not done any cardio workout or any extra workout and I lost fat. I am only holding water. So my only advice on “how to” is do NOT stress out and keep going.


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