Welcome to Daniel’s Fit Kitchen

I used to be a chubby child. I loved to eat a lot of junk food and avoided to do any kind of excercise. One day I decided to change my lifestyle to a hard-working gym freak with an extremely strict diet.

That worked for a while until I got hungry after a few weeks of dieting. Then I usually ate about 5000kcal in a few hours, fell into depression, gave up on working-out and kept eating crazy amounts of unhealthy food for a next few weeks (until I got motivated to start making healthy choices again). I used to live in this cycle for about 4 years.

I am the person who enjoys food a lot and I wanted to keep doing that while having a healthy body in shape. I decided to start a flexible dieting and to be honest, that was the best decision I could ever make. Now I am living a happy life with a lots of energy, lean body and clear mind.

I want to share with you all the recipes that are macro-friendly and keeps me on the track.